Private Whale Watch

Have you ever wanted to have the whales all to yourself? A cruise designed to meet your every need? This is your chance! Hervey Bay Whale Whale Watch is now offering our vessel, Quick Cat II, just for you and the whales at an unbelievable price! Beat the crowds and enjoy your own personal Whale Watching Experience with just your friends and family.

Your afternoon starts at the Great Sandy Straits Marina for your day on the bay experiencing what the World Whale Watching Capital has to offer.

We depart approx 1:45am and the captain will aim the boat for Platypus Bay, 30 minutes after leaving the Urangan Boat Harbour you will find yourself cruising along the pristine beaches of the western coast of Fraser Island.

This is where we will start looking for our beautiful humpback whales, with our eyes peeled and pointing fingers at the ready we will look for the tell tale signs of a humpback whale, which can be as small as a little glisten on the horizon or a massive splash from a whale breaching close by, whatever gives them away though, you can be assured we are going to take a closer look.

With multiple viewing levels you can watch from above or get down close to to the action. If the opportunity arises and the whales decide to hang around we may have the chance to put you in the water with them... yes that's right swimming with Humpback Whales. The best part is there are no queues, crowds or distractions, this tour is tailored completely to your desires.

  • Vessel hire for up to 30 passengers
  • Tea & Coffee, Light refreshments
  • Sub style sandwiches for lunch (please advise of any dietary requirements) 
  • Informative Commentary + Local Knowledge & History
  • Whale swims (if the chance arises)
  • Australia's most experienced Whale Watch crew
  • Hydrophone equipped to listen to the beautiful singing of the whales underwater
  • Fully licensed bar for food and beverages
  • Non smoking vessel
  • full sound system for your choice of music
What to Bring
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Mask, Snorkel, Swimwear & Towel (if you wish to try for a swim with the whales)
  • BYO Snacks if desired
  • Jacket
  • Camera (preferably waterproof)
  • Sense of adventure
  • Money for drinks, snacks, souvenirs
Departure Times
  • Available every afternoon
    (Call to check for availability)
     and returns at 6.00PM (4 hours approx)


Check In

Please ensure all guests check in to our floating office at least 15 minutes prior to your departure time. We don’t want you to miss the boat. We are the only floating office located right at the boat, look for the Red Harpoon Gun on the board walk and you have found us. Walk through the office check in with one of our lovely office staff members and head on through onto Quick Cat II.

Private Whale Watch: Please check in at 1:30PM

If you experience unexpected delays please call us as soon as you can. 

Whale Swim Information

The Private Whale Watch includes the exciting opportunity to swim with the Humpback Whales.

Our team try their hardest to give everyone a chance at this amazing experience. However, we cannot stress enough that Whale Swims cannot be 100% guaranteed as we are working with wild animals and need appropriate conditions to ensure this is a safe and enjoyable experience.

For a higher chance of a Whale Swims please note that the best time is between July through until early September. After early September, swims start to get unlikely as we start seeing more mothers and calves arrive and although this is a wonderful sight to see, legislation prohibits Whale Swims with mothers and calves.

Please do not book under the assumption that you will definitely be guaranteed a swim with the Whales experience.

Water temperature on average varies from 19 to 23 degrees, however once being in the water most people forget about the temperature when face to face with our friendly and curious Humpback Whales.

Due to dealing with COVID19 we are no longer lending snorkeling equipment. If you wish to try swimming with the whales you must bring your own equipment (Mask,Snorkel, Swimwear and Towel) we strongly advise against sharing your own personal equipment with others on board, the only piece of equipment supplied by Hervey Bay Whale Watch will be a flotation vest.


Weather & Sea Conditions

The team at Hervey Bay Whale Watch have been doing this for a long time and know the bay and the conditions well.

Quick Cat II is one of the best "Sea boats" in the fleet. We usually have great conditions and the bay is usually protected and calm BUT… Sometimes it may get a bit rough! 

We will never leave the harbour if conditions are dangerous and we will advise you of the expected conditions before departure. Different people have different expectations, some people aren’t bothered by rough days, but we want you to enjoy your experience with us so if it’s a rough day we are happy to re book your cruise for a calmer day.

If the day is too rough to be enjoyable, we will advise you as soon as possible that the cruise will be cancelled. You have the choice of a refund or to book for another cruise.


It is extremely rare that we don't find whales on our Whale Watching cruises, however, occasionally this may happen very early in the season or very late in the season. This is why we set our start and finish dates to minimise the chance of this happening and minimise the chance of leaving passengers disappointed. 

Hervey Bay Whale Watch have always guaranteed whale sightings. This means that if you have joined us for our Private Whale Watch and for some reason we don’t see whales, your ticket is valid for any of our other Whale Watch Cruises until you see the majestic Humpback Whales. (Subject to availability)

Hervey Bay Whale Watch has always maintained this policy. The longest time taken to redeem a ticket was 15 years so the guarantee stands for as long as it takes. It was nice to have the customers return after 15 years!

  • Hervey Bay Whale Watch reserve the right to substitute another vessel at any time
  • Cruise may be cancelled,postponed or substituted due to weather or tide conditions


Private Whale Watch (1 - 30 pax) $1850.00