Swim with the Whales

Want to get even closer to the Gentle Giants?! Hop in the water for one of the most amazing experiences you'll ever have. Come face to face with one of the biggest wild animals of the ocean and know what its like to be in their natural habitat.


Hervey Bay Whale Watch are approved to offer the experience of swimming with the Humpbacks. An amazing experience of a life time swimming with our beautiful Humpback Whales – an experience you will never forget.

Please understand there are conditions for swims and swims cannot be booked online as we cannot guarantee swimming with the Whales. This is to be purchased on board during your tour if the chance arises.

Our team try their hardest to give everyone a chance at this amazing experience. However, we cannot stress enough that Whale Swims cannot be 100% guaranteed as we are working with wild animals and need appropriate conditions to ensure this is a safe and enjoyable experience.

For a higher chance of a Whale Swims please note that the best time is between July through until early September. After early September, swims are unlikely as we start seeing more mothers and calves arrive and although this is a wonderful sight to see, legislation prohibits Whale Swims with mothers and calves.

Please do not book under the assumption that you will definitely be guaranteed a swim with the Whales experience.

Water temperature on average varies from 19 to 23 degrees, however once being in the water most people forget about the temperature when face to face with our friendly and curious Humpback Whales.


Please bring your own:

  • Mask and Snorkel
  • Swimmers (wetsuit/boardshorts ect..)
  • Towel
  • Waterproof camera (wrist strap is recommended)
  • Spare set of dry clothes
  • Sense of adventure

    Due to COVID-19 restrictions regarding hygiene and sanitation, floating life vests (PFD) will be the only equipment supplied by Hervey Bay Whale Watch.

The crew will assess weather conditions to ensure safety. After assessing safe conditions, the opportunity to register your interest for a Whale Swim will be announced during your cruise. Please follow instructions given by crew to meet for a safety brief. This process will be completed early on in the tour to ensure all swimmers are ready as whales can pop up literally anywhere. Upon finding suitable whales and conditions are assessed, when given the go ahead from our crew all swimmers are to be gathered at the rear of the boat and your swim guide will help you into the water to commence your Whale Swim.

Whale Swims are an extra $100.00 on top of your ticket, payment is to be made during the safety brief during your tour. If the Swim is deemed unsuccessful a FULL refund will be issued.
*Whale Swims can not be booked online*

*Must be 13 years or older*